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Product Details:
Product Length: 14.81 inches
Product Width: 14.81 inches
Product Height: 11.94 inches
Product Weight: 10.5 pounds
Package Length: 15.0 inches
Package Width: 15.0 inches
Package Height: 11.8 inches
Package Weight: 10.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 420 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 420 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

158 of 158 found the following review helpful:

4Comparison with All American canner...Dec 18, 2012
By Amanda
There isn't much I can say besides that it does just what you expect it to do. It works, it seals fine, it keeps pressure fine. It works as a water bath canner just fine. Really, it does what it needs to do. I've put up about 300 cans so far and it's doing just fine. (from applesauce to grape juice to green beans to venison)
My sister got the All American Canner and we canned side by side a lot so we could compare the two. Here's what we noticed the difference are:

All American is a heavier pot. She can make applesauce in hers w/o burning the bottom (I burned mine), but I can use the Presto one on my glass top oven which she can't do with her All American because of how heavy it is.

The All american has a bit of a domed lid which means she can fit one more can in hers than I can. Somehow, since the middle is higher, we had an instance where hers was able to fit the combinations of stacked jars and my Presto wasn't.

The All American is a weighted gauge canner, while this Presto one is a dial gauge canner. In my estimation, that means the All American needs less babysitting than the Presto. I had to keep adjusting the heat under my Presto to make sure I wasn't getting it too high or letting it fall too low. She could put her weight on the canner and walk away knowing it would stay at 10 lbs w/o much fuss.

And finally, the All American has a handle on the top that makes transporting it much easier.

All that being said: they canned exactly the same. Every time we canned side by side, the time to bring them up to pressure, the time to can, and the time to bring them back down took exactly the same amount of time.

I had to go with the Presto because of my glass top range. I like the details about the All American better, but like I said, this one works perfectly.

147 of 150 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing Presto CannerMay 27, 2008
By S. Gonzalez
Never had a canner before so took a while to decide on which one to buy. I really think this was a great choice. The canner works perfectly and such a joy to be able to can all my vegetables from the garden. I highly recommend this as a First Canner Purchase. It's not too big and not too small for a beginner.

138 of 142 found the following review helpful:

5Absolutely Great!Oct 25, 2007
By Sunny
I purchased this pressure canner after having one of the original canners from many years ago. This is so easy to use - lighter, easier to close, easy to read gauge. I love the jar support- it is so much better than the old wire basket. Each jar is firmly supported. No more wobbling. This canner is absolutely great!

80 of 81 found the following review helpful:

5works great on glass top stoveNov 02, 2006
By Diane L. Sullens "Diane L. Sullens"
We needed a pressure cooker that would work on our glass top stove. Not many of them do so we were very happy when we found this one...It's a GREAT pressure cooker and we love it! :)

Diane Maul

92 of 95 found the following review helpful:

4Presto Canner--Love it with three piece weighted gage additionApr 11, 2009
By Lisa Benninger
I have two Presto canners and I love them but I didn't used to.

Babysitting the dial gauge is a pain and I haven't canned enough years to know what stove setting holds the pressure steady at the right weight. After researching, however, and as a previous reviewer mentioned, you can order a three piece weighted gauge that fits these canners for $15 or less if you do a web search for model #50332. Not only can you confirm this with Presto's customer service but you can order one and confirm it yourself with the dial gauge.

So now I have the weighted rockers for 5/10/15 lbs (the 10 lb is actually weighted for the new recommendation of canning at 10.5 lbs)I don't have to keep coming back to check the pressure every 5 minutes. If it's too low I'll hear it stop and I don't have to worry about over cooking it because the rocker keeps it from going too high.

The two reasons I give this product 4 stars is because I believe that Presto SHOULD REALLY be including the three piece rocker with it. It would make it a premium canner at a much lower price than others. Also, I have concerns about cooking foods in aluminum pans, especially if your cooking at the high pressure temps, but it's simply not relevant to me as I don't cook with it for this reason, just can.

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